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  • The Coming Recession & Housing Market Crash? 🔥
    In this video, Jeff Buettner goes over the current economy, how the economy might affect the real estate market, what Realtors should do and be thinking about if there is a recession in 2022, and much more.
  • Door Knocking In Real Estate
    Door knocking is one of the best ways to get leads as a real estate agent, but it can be tough to know where to start. In this video, I share three tips for making door-knocking effortless and getting more leads from it!
  • The Best Branding Tool For Real Estate Agents In 2022
    In this video, Jeff Buettner talks about everything you need to know about why retargeting ads are important, what audiences you should target with retargeting, and what else retargeting can provide for you in your business.
  • 3 Focus Areas For Agents Who Want To Grow Their Business
    Jeff Buettner dives into the three things you need to focus on each and every day to grow your real estate business. #realestatebusiness #dailyrealestateschedule #realestateschedule
  • 3 Unique Lead Generation Ideas For Realtors
    Jeff Buettner talks through three very different and unique ways to generate real estate leads.