Do You Need A Nice Car To Sell Real Estate?

Listen in as Jeff Buettner talks about if it is necessary to have a nice car if you sell real estate. If you watch some of the fancy real estate sales shows on TV these days, you might think you need a $100,000 car before you get your license. Is that the case? Should a new real estate licensee spend big money on a car when they start out? Jeff talks about all of that and more.

After The License is the podcast helping real estate Agents grow their business by providing answers to common questions that come after someone gets their real estate license. Listen in as we talk about lead generation, best business practices, and more.

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After The License is hosted by Jeffrey Buettner (https://instagram.com/jeffbuettner​​​…​).

Jeff started in real estate in 2008 during the era of short sales and foreclosures. Since then Jeff has been generating leads and teaching Agents about technology and marketing. Having taught thousands of hours of marketing classes in combination with managing accounts that generated tens of thousands of leads, Jeff is often a trusted resource to deliver step by step actionable advice for implementing technology and marketing strategies that work.

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