Interview With Shawn Bell – Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents

In this episode of After The License, Jeff interviews Shawn Bell. Shawn Bell is the Owner/Realtor of Century 21 in Lloydminster, AB/SK (Alberta and Saskatchewan). Shawn has ranked in the top 1% for Century 21 in Canada for the last several years. He is also a Facebook ads expert/ believer and advocate in the power of technology and social media.

Shawn on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/c21shawnbell/

Shawn Bell On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/shawnbell

00:00​ – Intro To Show
00:30​ – About Shawn Bell, Social Media Expert & Owner of Century 21 In Lloydminster 01:20​ – How Shawn Bell Got Into Selling Real Estate
03:00​ – Where Shawn Bell Gets His Real Estate Clients & Pros of Social Media
06:00​ – What We Recommend New Real Estate Agents If They Are Starting Their Business
08:00​ – Consistency Is Key When Is Comes To Generating Real Estate Leads Through Social Media
09:30​ – What Social Media Platform Real Estate Agents Should Focus On
10:40​ – Pros of Utilizing Youtube To Build Your Business
11:45​ – What About Tik Tok For Real Estate Agents?
12:15​ – Social Media Allows You To Clone Yourself
15:00​ – Social Media Is All About Providing Value
16:00​ – Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents
18:00​ – Shawn’s Strategy For Instagram (Posts VS Stories)
19:30​ – The Science Behind Why Social Media Is So Powerful
20:00​ – Pros of A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) For Realtors
21:30​ – Real Estate Agents That Are Consistent Will Win
23:00​ – Just Start NOW (And Don’t Overthink It)
24:00​ – Practice Makes Perfect In Real Estate

After The License is the podcast helping real estate agents grow their business by providing answers to common questions that come after someone gets their real estate license. Listen in as we talk about lead generation, best business practices, and more.
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After The License is hosted by Jeffrey Buettner (https://instagram.com/jeffbuettner​​​​​​​). Jeff started in real estate in 2008 during the era of short sales and foreclosures. Since then, Jeff has been generating leads and teaching Agents about technology and marketing. Having taught thousands of hours of marketing classes in combination with managing accounts that generated tens of thousands of leads, Jeff is often a trusted resource to deliver step by step actionable advice for implementing technology and marketing strategies that work.

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