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New Years Goals Start In October

This video on transcript if from the After The License podcast episode titled “Next Year Started Last Month.”


Hey everybody, welcome back to a another episode of After The License, the podcast where we help real estate agents build their business. Today I want to talk about next year. Next year for real estate agents actually started last month in October. We forget in real estate, that anyone who’s potentially buying or selling a property, it’s going to take time. So when you start thinking about next year’s goals, really, that first quarter is going to be significantly affected by the people you are talking to today, next week, next month, and really even in October, because of that long, lag time. So don’t get stuck in the same situation a lot of people do when they say, next year is going to be great, right, but they go and take the entire holiday season off, right, they basically take from Thanksgiving to the end of the year off. They kind of let their foot off the gas pedal, and then they end up having a really slow start to the year. I’m not saying don’t enjoy time with friends, family, taking some you time. But, just understand that everything you do today, in November, and in December is going to have a huge, huge, huge impact on the first part of next year. So if you want next year to be your best year ever, start with doing some things today, whether that’s previewing homes, meeting new people, creating contacts, adding people to your database, lead generating in some way, because everything you do now, and in the end of the year is going to have a huge impact on next year. I hope that was helpful. I hope that was a good reminder. As always, please check us out afterthelicens.com, Subscribe, Like and comment anywhere where you get podcasts and we’ll catch you next time.

Updated on November 25, 2020

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