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Pros & Cons of Google Ads Lead Generation For Real Estate

What are the pros and cons of generating leads through Google AdWords?


  • High Than Average Cost Per Lead
  • Sometimes Generate Leads With Limited Contact Information


  • Generate Leads Based On Intent
  • Can Target Specific Keywords or Phrases

Video Transcript

What are the pros and cons of generating leads through Google ads? Let’s talk about the pros first. Google is great because you can target people based on what they search. So whether you’re doing Google Ads yourself, or you’re paying for paying another company to generate real estate leads to Google ads, hopefully they’re targeting keywords that are great for your market. So I’m in the Phoenix area. Obviously, I would want my keywords to be like “buying a home in Phoenix”, “selling my home in Phoenix”, “homes to buy in Phoenix”, “homes to buy in 850”,whatever, right? And so that is really the biggest pro of Google Ads. You can target people based on what they search in Google. And what someone searches in Google really kind of reveals their intention. And that’s, again, what makes Google Ads different and a lot of times better than other lead generation sources like Facebook, right?

You can Do Facebook ads, but you don’t actually know if that person’s interested in buying or selling a house, in your local area. If someone goes to Google and types in, I want to sell my house right or a similar keyword, you can bet that that person has some interest in that now or in the future. So that’s one Pro.

The second pro to any kind of online lead generation, especially in Google AdWords applies to this is one of the pros is lead generating through this method is you can really ramp up or ramp down your lead generation at any given time, right. So whether you have 100 bucks to spend this month or 1000, and that changes next month, you can really turn on and off the faucet of lead generation, however much or however little you want, if you generate real estate leads through Google AdWords. So those are just two big pros.

Let’s talk about the cons of using Google ads to generate real estate leads. The biggest con is, for a lot of people, it’s too costly, right? Google pay per click isn’t necessarily cheap. And so sometimes you might generate leads, depending on the market you’re in, might getGoogle leads for $10, $15, sometimes $20, a lead because again, those cost per clicks aren’t cheap. And so a lot of times, that is a big con for people as they just don’t have the money to actually invest in something like Google ads.

The other con and this is going to apply to all online lead generation is the leads you get from Google AdWords aren’t always going to necessarily be ready to buy today or tomorrow or next week. And I say not necessarily. Usually they won’t be able to buy or won’t want to buy. You know, when they’re going to Google and they’re doing that initial search. They might be 6, 9, or 12 months out. So if you need now business, Google AdWords might not be the best place to invest all your money or all of your marketing budget. You ultimately will need some long term follow up systems to really have some good success with it. So that was pros and cons of generating leads through Google ads. I hope that was helpful. Talk to you next time.

Updated on September 18, 2020

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