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Will A Brokerage Actually Hire Me?

It is important to remember that, in mosts, most states, you are an independent contractor and not an employee. Most Brokerages will take any Agent who is licensed and eager to start working. For Brokerages, you are more their client than employee.

Because of this, most Brokerages will only require that you meet with a few individuals (Broker, Team Leader, etc) and pay their particular fees before hanging your license with them.

Video Transcript:

Will a real estate brokerage actually hire me? This is a fantastic question and it comes up often with new real estate agents. They’re just getting their real estate license and all they’ve ever experienced in their life is a traditional job interview. It’s important to remember that in most states, real estate agents are independent contractors. So when you’re interviewing brokerages, it’s more you’re interviewing the brokerage versus the brokerage is interviewing you, right? So that’s important to understand and that’s important to keep in the back of your head. So when you go there, will they hire you? Absolutely right, you are ultimately going to be their client and a lot of ways right the brokerage business model is set up to make the agent happy. And so when you go and sit down with a brokerage, you should figure out what are they doing to help you? What are they doing to help your business? So the question of will a real estate brokerage actually hire me the The answer is yes, in most cases, right? As long as you have all your licenses and set up with the associations and you have all of that stuff taken care of, and you’re professional and courteous and kind, like you would be with a client or in a potential job interview, most definitely a brokerage will hire you. You just have to understand what that is going to cost you right. What are their fees? What are their splits? All of that fun stuff. But, will a brokerage actually hire you? Most definitely. Again, as long as you’re professional, courteous, kind, you have all your licensing in place, and you’re set up with the correct associations, whatever is needed for your particular state. Most definitely, they will hire you

Updated on September 18, 2020

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